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The first person to announce their candidacy for the newly vacated Burlington City Council seat has come forward.

Jake Schumann made the announcement at last week’s Ward 1 Community Planning Conference, he said in an interview with VTDigger. Schumann, a 13-year-old city dweller with a background in community development and service social, plans to run for the Eastside seat at The recent resignation of Jack Henson Find jobs in town.

Mayor Miro Weinberg on Wednesday announced a special election for the seat will take place on December 6. Schumann Competition announced for the first time per 7 days.

Schuman said he was already considering running for city council in March 2023, but accelerated his plans after the Eastside headquarters opened. Schumann told VTDigger he intends to run as an independent but hopes to gain support from progressives and Democrats.

“I think the party politics in Burlington is a bit toxic,” Schuman said. “I want two mentions, and if I get them, I want to run as an independent.”

Representatives of the city’s three main political parties all said they were still in the early stages of planning for the race.

Vermont Progressive Party chairman Josh Wronski said Schuman told him he planned to have a caucus with the Progressive Party. Wronski said he expected others to show up to seek the party’s nomination.

“I think there’s a good chance it will be a competitive game in terms of progression,” Wronski said.

Wronski said his party has also started conversations with others.

“We’ve also launched a broad recruiting effort, just for publicity, because we want to make sure it’s as democratic as possible,” Wronski said.

Burlington Republican President Christopher-Aaron Felker told VTDigger he has not been approached by anyone seeking the Republican nomination.

Adam Roof, chairman of the Burlington Democratic Party, said he expects to meet the Oct. 11 deadline for submitting candidate petitions.

“We are actively talking to a lot of interested people,” Roof said.

Schuman said his campaign platform would focus on housing. He also spoke of providing “moral leadership” to heal “social and cultural wounds” in the age of the pandemic.

“We really need people who can build bridges, facilitate dialogue and facilitate recovery,” Schuman said.

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